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    Post your views and reviews on HDFC Bank

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    This is one of the most worst company(Bank) i have ever worked with. At a senior position also you are receiving sheet from the boss. Boss are those who cannot speak good english. Their Vocabulary is like " Bhagvan Bachaye ". They are boss because of their vintage in the bank and not by their skills. They are unduly passing sheet to the people working under him.

    Please dont ever join such a Bakwas Bank.

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    Have joined Bank around 1 year back. But since than i have not slept for a single night calmly. Such a stupid Bosses.. They are driving Bank to NOWHERE. No one is visionary out here. Bosses hardly know about AUDIT. However thy are pressurizzing so much on the Audit processes to fulfill. Tons and ton of Manual work. HR is nowhere in picture as far as employee orientation is concerned. The most strange thing is no one is professionaly qualified. It is nothing but the bunch of stupid people working for their bread n butter without any vision. How can a an Aquaguard Salesman be a Cluster Head and talking about the AUDIT ?? Oh my God please take me out of this.. I request all my fellow bankers that please please dont ever think of joining this bank in wildest of your dream. You will end up no where. You will be reporting to the bosses who has not seen any outside world except this Bank. You will feel ashamed of calling them your Boss. I am looking for the change till time please pass this message to everyone about my personal experience

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    1) I met with an accident on December 31st 2009 during office hours at 3.00 PM at Malad Orlem Branch, I had gone outside the branch to have a cup of tea ( the branch did not have a tea vending machine ,fact confirmed ) and a biker hit me and the impact was so tremendous that my wrist suffered 3 fractures ( multiple fractures ) . I had to undergo two surgeries for the same. The orthopedic had clearly stated that I would be bedridden for 1.5 month at least but IT was ME who reported to office on the 12th day and to my surprise the leaves of 12 days were adjusted against my PL balances and SL balances and I was denied a special leave. SPECIAL LEAVES ARE FOR SPECIAL EMPLOYEES ONLY?

    2) I had my marriage ceremony on 4th Feb 2010 and I was given a leave of 7 days only for completing and returning back from my marriage and to my utter surprise the said 7 days were treated as LWP and I since I could not report to office on the 8th days I was issued a strict disciplinary MEMO . I had requested for additional leave of two days on Mail when my phone calls were not answered by my supervisor, my supervisor termed the mail as SARCASTIC . NOTE that the entire 10 days of leave were treated as LWP and a WARNING MEMO was also issued to me. Marriage is and important event in a person’s life and with this kind of behavior shown to me my marriage memories are scarred and will always remain so. I AM NOT SAYING THAT I DONOT WANT TO ADHERE TO RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE ORGANIZATION BUT WHAT HURTS ME THE MOST IS RIGIDITY WITH WHICH THE RULES ARE IMPLEMENTED ON THE EMPLOYEES. DOES HDFC BANK NOT RECOGNISE THE SOCIAL OBLIGATIONS WHICH A HUMAN BEING CAN HAVE OR I THINK IN THE QUEST TO BECOME A BIGGER BANK IT IS WILLING TO MURDER PURILE HUMAN SENTIMENTS?

    3) My leave balances were reduced as well as my Salary was not paid to me for the same leaves Example in the month of Feb 2010 I was LWP for 10 days and my PL balances were also reduced by 10 days , it was at the time of calculation of notice period dues that I raised the issue with HR and had to get the same rectified . Leave card helpdesk clearly told me that I am lying and that My assertions were false but to my surprise I got a gentle mail stating that My PL balances are 19 and not 11 thus accepting the mistake .EVERY EMPLOYEE SHOULD LEARN TO DO HR AUDITS !!!.

    4) Since I have to visit branches located at various location in the city of Mumbai I end up spending at least Rs 4500.00 Per Month on conveyances. My travel might range to Kalyan ,Nalasopara, Dombivali, Naigaon , Khar Bandra , Worli , Borivali , Goregaon Andheri , Dadar,Worli just to name a few locations and a sum of Rs 4500.00 is a dismal figure considering that in a month I am at branches ( NON BASE LOCATION )for at least 22-23 days however to my surprise it was conveyed to me by my supervisor that (a) First class fare is not eligible (b) Rickshaw fare is from the nearest station only , still I used to lodge a claim of Rs 2200 to 2400 and to my disgust even that was denied .if I take a average of 4500 then in the period of 11 months of tenure in HDFC bank I have spent approximately 49,500… and till date my reimbursement have been only Rs 16,100.00 ONLY. On raising the issue I was told by my supervisor that the HR policy says like this and moreover my expenses depend on my mode of travel . I can challenge that in my tenure of 11 months I have never boarded a MERU cab or any luxurious mode of travel. What was worse is the fact that questions were raised on my boarding AC buses of BEST since they are EXPENSIVE ….. Should I consider myself a Deputy manager of the country’s fastest growing bank or a Carpenter’s laborer who should travel in filthy second class compartment of local trains and wait in serpentine ques of Buses and still manage to REACH OFFICE AT 9.30 AM and that too with a Bag which weighs not less than 6-7 kilograms? GOOD AND INNOVATIVE METHOD OF COST CUTTING!!!

    5) My supervisor told me that I was a confirmed employee of the bank and this act was done to show that the Organization CARES about me , but to my utter disgust it was because of my confirmation that I ended up Paying Rs 34225.00 to the employer as my short notice period dues ….. during confirmation neither was my salary increased nor my designation changed and you can very check with MY HR RM that I had joined HDFC bank on the same salary as I was drawing before and I had joined HDFC from a very reputed New age private sector Bank . WHEN IT COMES TO RECOVERY OF NOTICE PREIOD DUES YOUR ORGANIZATION IS ONE PICE FATHER MOTHER BUT WHEN IT COMES TO COMES TO REIMBURSEMENT OF GENUINE TRAVEL EXPENSES YOUR HR POLICIES COME AS A HURDLE …… CARE OR CRUELTY?

    6) LAPTOPS provided to me was 8 years old and when they malfunction questions are raised on me as to why I could not use properly and the blame comes one me that I donot know how to preserve the assets of the organization…. Even the new small wipro Laptops are a real pain to use since they so non user friendly and inconvenient to use but the productivity expected from me is rising at a rate which is higher than increase in inflation rate in India .A GOOD CARPENTER DOES QUARELL WITH HIS BAD TOOLS!!!

    7) When requested to increase my salary since there were a lot of incidental expenses related to my job , I was quietly and politely told that “ Yes I do accept that salary is low but you don’t need money at this point of life ….. You need money after five years”. ITS HIGHTIME THAT PEOPLE START READING TIME VALUE THEORY OF MONEY!!!

    8) Since I had to do branch audits , in 90% of the cases I could not take my lunch before 3.00 PM ,(your branch timings end at 2.30 PM) and as informed by my supervisor I cannot take lunch during official hours because the customers are present in the branch and as a result of which my health had deteriorated so much that sometimes during a month I had to stay on liquid stuff for days ….for doing the branch audits I had to leave house so early that I could not get my food prepared so early and what I got in return ? SECOND CLASS TRAIN FARE and comments like “U ARE NOT PUTTING IN YOUR BEST”!!!!

    9) The employer and employee relationship in HDFC Internal audit department as understood by me is completely ONE SIDED ….. Wherein the employee completely famishes himself in the service but returns, rewards, recognition is only there for seniors not for the junior staff. Discipline etc expected is of the highest order. EMPLOYER EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP SHOULD BY SYMBIOTIC IN NATURE BUT IN HDFC BANK IT IS CATASTROPHIC!!!!!

    10) In my tenure of 11 months I have seen 9 persons including me who left the organization. My bigger question is why is there no introspection on the attrition?

    11) My H.R R.M M.S Pushpa D silva should be given the award for being the best DIPLOMAT because initially she had said a sum of 8000.00 would be paid to me monthly on account of traveling /Mobile/Incidental expenses and when the same feature was not reflected in my offer letter AND WHEN I RAISED A QUERY I was diplomatically told that “ all these are out of the pocket reimbursements and you will get it as a reimbursements” I very well remember this statement but to my utter surprise she very diplomatically and categorically denied making this statement when recently I had a word with her .PROMISES ARE NOT MORE THAN WORDS AND WORDS ARE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE TWISTED!!!!!

    12) On the day of Babri masjid Verdict case ( 30th sep 2010) I requested my supervisor to allow me to go home at 4.45 Pm since the situation was volatile but the reply given to me was “ There is no official communication from the Admin team and even the girls are sitting in the office , what is the need of your going home”

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